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Raid: World War II is the debut game from Lion Game Lion, who previously worked on DLC for Payday 2. In Raid players can choose one of 4 characters, and one of 4 classes to take on missions centered around hurting the Nazi army in any way possible. Not only that but you will want to snag as much shiny loot as you can to get gold bars, which are used for upgrading your home base or buying new customization options.

Gold doesn’t come very quickly, but it is mostly for appearances so it’s not a big deal. The main progression involves levelling classes and upgrading guns. The guns unlock upgrades as you meet specific requirements, and characters level as you complete missions.

Each class has an extensive amount of levels to gain, with proficiencies that boost your character each new level. At the moment, however the customization options are somewhat limited so progression is mostly centered around leveling classes.

At the start of the game the mission selection is limited, but more unlock as you play, up to 11 different missions. Each time a new mission is unlocked it is introduced by the always wonderful John Cleese, but his involvement outside of that is minor at best.

The missions are relatively varied, and task players with doing a number of different objectives which can usually be tackled full force or with stealth. The mission structure is pretty linear except for a few, and basically involve going from objective to objective while fighting off the Nazi’s.

The game is playable solo offline, or online with other people, and the game works perfectly well offline, but playing online with friends is always preferred. The offline Ai is good enough, they won’t interact with objectives, but they rarely die and will do their duty shooting and helping the player if you start to bleed out so I never had any problems with them.

At the end of the mission occurs my favorite part of the game, these little video clips of Hitler getting very angry about what we did in the mission. These were consistently funny and were a nice little reward for completing a mission.

Alongside basic missions, which are often pretty short, there are also operations, which are many missions connected together in a larger story. These were much more open than basic missions and usually involve searching around the streets of Berlin for things in the first mission and going from there.

Missions are somewhat lacking right now but where Raid really falls down is in its core gameplay. As of today, an update was added to the game which fixed a major issue I had with the enemy AI, but there are still some issues with enemy variety and the shooting mechanics.

I can’t quite put my finger on it, but the shooting just feels off. Guns feel weak at times, and there were many times when a shot seemed like it should hit, and simply didn’t. When it works right the action is over-the-top, with body parts being shot off in a quite comical explosion of blood, but unfortunately it feels inconsistent at times.

As for enemy variety, the majority of the Nazi army is made up of essentially one type of soldier with three different looks. While the AI update has helped the repetitive nature of fighting wave upon wave upon wave of the same enemy, it still becomes tedious after too long. Snipers and the occasional flamethrower wielding enemy mixes things up somewhat, but they don’t show up too frequently.

Overall Raid is good for a fair bit of fun, but it still feels rough around the edges. The shooting mechanics simply aren’t as good as they could be. The missions are fairly well designed and are different enough to feel unique, but the lack of enemy variety makes tackling these missions feel repetitive, especially after completing them multiple times.

The developer has promised to keep the game updated however, with fixes and content, and so far with two patches in it has improved, and like a fine wine I’m sure it will get better with age, but for now Raid just feels like a decent game rather than the great one it could be.

*This review is based on the PC version of the game, it will also be available for Xbox One and PS4 October 10th*

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