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19th July 2018 0

Digimon Survive Announced for PS4 and Switch #Digimon

By Aguilar

Digimon Survive Announced for PS4 and Switch, as A 2D & 3D Survival Strategy RPG Bandai Namco announced a brand-new Digimon game called Digimon Survive, and it’s a survival strategy RPG that’s 2D and 3D, with adventure game and upbringing...

18th July 2018 0

South Park: The Sitck of Truth coming to Switch #SouthPark

By Aguilar

Ubioft will release South Park: The Stick of Truth for Switch via the Nintendo eShop as a digital-only title by September

17th July 2018 0

Sonic Mania Plus retro infomercial

By Aguilar

Sega has released a 90s-style infomercial for Sonic Mania Plus. Sonic Mania Plus is due out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One,...