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Mint is a side-scrolling platforming action from solo developer DGHZ. It’s a game that feels very much inspired by the Megaman series of games. In Mint, you play as an alien creature who has taken on the form of a blob of toothpaste and must capture an escaped alien.

Mint has a variety of abilities, including a double jump, a bubble shot, a virus bomb, a mounted machine gun, a healing rod, and the ability to create a body double that uses the same attacks as you.

I found that the combination of the body double and spamming the bubble shot was incredibly over-powered, and most of the bosses died in seconds to that combination. Couple that with the fact there are only a few main bosses, and infinite respawns, and the game is very short. So short in fact that I managed to beat it twice in under an hour.

The level design is another issue I had with the game. For the most part levels were just straight paths with a little bit of platforming and the occasional multiple routes. And since enemies are lacking in collision I could run through the entire level without taking hardly any damage. Even if a boss kills you because your health is low, you just respawn right back at the boss and they still have the damage done to them.

It’s a shame that combat feels so uneventful and unimportant because I enjoyed the ideas that were present. The abilities Mint uses are cool, and the bosses have the potential to be frantic and exhilarating, if they were actually threatening. There is a solid foundation for something fun there, it just never feels like it comes together in any way.

Where Mint shines brightest is in its graphics. Despite some odd glitches and missing textures, much of Mint looks good. The enemies also look cool, besides a couple plain ones, and boss design is also solid.

Sound design, however, is another area that needs some serious work. The music was fine, but entirely forgettable, but the sound of the abilities was sometimes grating. There were times when the sounds in the game resembled the sound of my speaker going out, it was unpleasant to listen to, and eventually I had to play with no sound on because of it.

In its current form, I find it hard to recommend Mint. The gameplay is solid, and the developer has a lot of good ideas. Unfortunately, the game suffers from being short, too easy, and a lack of threatening enemies. The foundation for something great is there, and I believe it can get there if the developer works on it, but as it stands right now Mint feels more like an early prototype rather than a full-fledged game. 4/10

*Mint releases July 21st on Steam*

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