JOHN WICK CHAPTER 2 4K UHD Blu-ray review #JohnWick2 #JohnWick

4K UHD Blu-ray review

John Wick 2 is the ultimate gamers movie and I for one would love to see the legendary ice cold assassin make his way to a console near me soon!

John Wick 2 picks up the story where the first left off but in many ways it also treads over old ground initially in order to be more accessible to those that may not have seen the 2014 original.

The premise is similar in that they are trying to get him to come out of retirement to complete just one more hit. But this time around I felt the story and additional characters were much better crafted and this helped the whole project gel. Sure you don’t get any deep character studies and Keanu Reeves certainly didn’t have much dialogue to learn, but that’s not what this movie is about. This movie all all about action and almost graceful balletic shooting sequences.

The kill count this time around is certainly raised but weirdly it’s rarely too gruesome or graphic to seem real. In fact I recommend you leave the real world behind and just enjoy the adrenaline ride. Don’t take time to wonder why none of these trained killers ever go for the head-shot when in pursuit of our titular hero!

There is an awesome car chase at the start of the movie and a few baddies getting truly rammed and ruined in ever more creative ways! NICE.

You can tell the stunt budget was raised and the locations looked more up market too on the whole. I was also pleased that John Wick doesn’t have a cheesy love interest and he is loyal to his sadly departed wife.

Ian McShane plays Winston the Head Honcho of the mysterious assassins guild with great aplomb. He has a real soft spot for Keanu’s character and bends as much as he can for him. But some men you just can’t reach….

Ruby rose is also great in her role as Mr Wick’s nemesis, where she plays a deaf assassin who loves to make rude and creative finger gestures to lighten the mood. The rapper Common is also involved in loads of one on one never ending old school fight scenes with Keanu and really holds his own.

I must mention how awesome it was for any Matrix fan to see Laurence Fishburne appear as head of the homeless weirdo nutters.

Oh and I mustn’t forget about the new dog…..called…..erm…..well dog I think. This makes up for the poor puppy in the first film. This time around the dog is cool calm and quiet just like his owner. But you just know he could go all Cujo on your ass if he needed too!

But this film is all about Mr John Wick and without giving anything away things are left open enough for the series to continue and I for one cannot wait for more! So with that in mind I will score this film a Kevlar coated 8 out of 10.


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