Blizzard Announces Next World of Warcraft Expansion #WorldofWarcraft #Blizzcon2017
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Announced at this years Blizzcon event, the new expansion, Battle for Azeroth, marks World of Warcraft’s 7th expansion since releasing in 2004. Unlike previous expansions, which focused on some large overarching threat, Battle for Azeroth is focused on the near-constant war between the Alliance and the Horde that has persisted since the game started. Battle for Azeroth contains 6 new playable races, 2 new continents, one for each faction, and Warfronts which are 20 player PvE instances inspired by the classic RTS where players fight enemy commanders to claim land and build up forces.

Alongside the new expansion announcement came the reveal of World of Warcraft: Classic, a new legacy server which allows players to play the game without any expansion content as it was when it first released. Previously the only way to play vanilla WoW was to play it on a private server, but that practice is considered against the terms of service, and even led to Blizzard closing down a popular server. No further details on availability or pricing have been given about World of Warcraft classic servers yet.

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