MxGP Pro Patch released on all formats! #mxgppro

MXGPRO keeps on giving adrenaline, mud and thrills to all MX lovers. As you all know, though, our goal is to keep improving the game a much as possible. That’s why in the last few patches we introduced major improvements to wet riding, side respawn, starting grid UI and AI. In the next few hours, we’ll be releasing a new update to PS4, Xbox One and PC/Steam that will include new major improvements:

– Added online weather voting.
– Improved AI behaviour: adjusted difficulty, better trajectories, better performance in different types of terrain and wet/dry riding, more agonistic behaviours.
– Better rider position while mid-air, during landings, and scrubs.
– Enhanced the visual animation of scrubs during replays and rewind.
– In quick match lobbies, players can now mark themselves as ‘ready’.
– Improved overall stability.

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