Sony Interactive Entertainment appoints Kazuhiko Takeda deputy president and CFO

Sony Interactive Entertainment has named Kazuhiko Takeda the new deputy president and chief financial officer of Sony Interacitve Entertainment, effective July 1, the company announced.

Takeda will work with president and chief executive officer John (Tsuyoshi) Kodera, as well as deputy presidents Kazuo Miura and Jim Ryan to “reinforce the company’s financial strength and support the growth of the PlayStation business globally.”

Takeda was last seen in the video games media as Sony’s head of corporate planning, when he told the Nikkei Asian Review, “At our gaming business, sales of the PlayStation 4 are strong heading into the holidays. But we can’t ignore the Nintendo Switch, which has also captured consumers’ attention. Our business model involves selling both the game console and the software for it, so we’re working to get more customers paying continuously for content, for example through paid subscription services.”

Find a short bio of Takeda and comments below.

About Kazuhiko Takeda

Takeda joined Sony Corporation in 1983. He has vast experience at Sony, including Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB in Sweden and Sony Europe Limited in the United Kingdom. After returning to Tokyo in 2013, he led the Corporate Planning and Control Division of Sony Corporation overseeing all Sony Group companies. He is currently Corporate Executive, in charge of Corporate Planning and Control and Accounting, Chief Information Officer, of Sony Corporation.

Comment from John Kodera, President and CEO, Sony Interactive Entertainment

“I am pleased to welcome Takeda-san to SIE, as we grow to nearly 20 billion dollar business annually. He has abundant skills and expertise in corporate planning and control, and I expect him to make a considerable contribution in supporting the expansion of our business.”

Comment from Kazuhiko Takeda, Deputy President and CFO, Sony Interactive Entertainment

“I am very honored and excited to assume the role of Deputy President and CFO of SIE. Working closely with John, Miura-san, and Jim, I am fully committed to the growth of the company through business management as CFO.”

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