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Sparkle 2, from developer 10Tons, is a marble shooting, color matching, puzzle game which tasks players with shooting different colored marbles at a snake of colored marbles.

Unlike most puzzle games of this type, Sparkle 2 is driven forward by some light story elements. While entirely not necessary, these little story moments were nice rewards for playing the game.

Alongside the basic story mode, there is also a bevy of side modes, including a survival mode where you must last as long as you can on a level, a more difficult cataclysm mode, and a challenge mode. I was honestly surprised how much content there is in the game, there is plenty there for puzzle fans to dig in and play for many hours I believe.

A key component of games like this is its design, both level design and gameplay. The gameplay is solid and works like expected, the addition of enchantments, passive buffs that are earned over time, and in game power-ups keep the game feeling fresh, but also add new layers of strategy to the game.

Levels are well designed, and while some of them feel similar, some of them are wonderfully designed, and are both difficult and fair. The more difficult levels are intense, and are designed to make you think and plan your actions more than the earlier levels.

Graphics and the music in game is also well done, and while the graphics aren’t excellent they serve their job well and the vibrant colors work well with this type of game. The music also fits the theme of the game well, and while none of the music was particularly memorable, it was relaxing and added to the overall experience.

As I played the Switch version I had the option to play with a controller or the touchscreen. Both forms of control felt great and performed well. My only complaint about using the controller is the vibration function was a little overbearing and distracting at times.

Overall, I much preferred controlling the game with the touch screen. It was responsive and allowed for a much quicker and more precise aiming than I could do with the controller.

At its core, I find a game like this right at home on a portable device, whether it be the Switch, phones or tablets. By design a game like this is perfect for jumping on, playing a level or two when you can, and quitting, and with around 90 main levels and tons of side levels, this game is perfect for that.

Sparkle 2 is an excellent addition to this genre of puzzle games, and probably one of the best I have played. The amount of content the game has to offer is pretty extensive, and I found every level to be consistently fun to play. This is an easy game to recommend for fans of this genre, and a great game to have available anywhere on the go. 9/10

*This review is based on the Switch version, the game is also available on practically everything*

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