Namco Museum #NintendoSwitch Review #NamcoMuseum

Namco Museum Review – Nintendo Switch

Firstly I must say I am a huge fan of retro gaming so when I had the chance to review this old school compilation I jumped at it!

I know we have had similar releases in the past but this was sorely needed for me on my Nintendo Switch as Ninty themselves are really dragging their feet on Virtual Console games.

So lucky for us that Namco have stepped up to the plate and given us 11 games in one great package to get stuck into on the go or at home on the big screen!

As its such a large collection I have decided to give you a short review of each individual title so you can decide if its for you or not.

Before I do a must say how much I am enjoying the challenge mode on each title. They have selected various challenges for us to complete and it really adds to the re-playability and in most cases is a rock hard test of your old school twitch reflexes! Luckily all those hours as a kid in the arcade have held me in good stead and were not the waste of money my parents thought they were *-)

  • Pac-Man (1980) The all time great! What can I say that has not already been said? If you haven’t played this before then your in for a treat!

  • Galaga (1981) My personal fave as a kid, the waves keep coming and its aged like a fine wine.

  • Dig Dug (1982) Who doesn’t enjoy blowing up those little baddies by sticking a big white hose pipe into their………..erm……..

  • The Tower Of Druaga (1984) Not for me this game and hadn’t played it before. Apparently its popular in Japan for what its worth.

  • Sky Kid (1985) Cartoony, find the bomb, collect bomb then drop the bomb.

  • Rolling Thunder (1986) A bit dated, kill the dudes in the pink head dresses!

  • Galaga ’88 (1987) Who can say no to more Galaga goodness!

  • Splatterhouse (1988) Classic! Chopping off 8 Bit heads dressed as Jason from Friday the 13th? Yes please sir!

  • Rolling Thunder 2 (1990) Sounds like it should be starring Face from the the A team and a talking helicopter.

  • Tank Force (1991) This was a pleasant surprise and like Bomberman with Tanks…..Nice!

  • Pac-Man Vs. (2003) The Jewel in the crown if you have other to play against! Not as much fun if you are Billy no mates or Nofriendo.

Overall a great collection and one that I will keep coming back too. Much better suited to the switch’s portable form in my opinion and perfect for a cheeky blast when time is short. 8 Pac dots out of 10 for me Pinky!

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